Low Carb High Fat Diets – Information & Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

Low Carb High Fat Diets are all the rage right now, but will this way of eating really help you to lose weight?

You bet it will!*

How do we know?

Because changing our foods to reflect the protocols of this diet worked for us (see photo below). We have also helped thousands of our readers, friends, family, and people within our Facebook groups to bust through their weight loss barriers.

It all began with a box of bacon and a few bricks of cheese…

Say good bye to the old ways of dieting! (YUK! Chicken breasts and dressing free salads, anyone?)

We’ve been eating bacon, cheese, cream in our coffee, nuts, big bowls of delicious fresh and sauteed vegetables, Hollandaise sauce by the spoonfuls, butter – pretty much everything your mom and doctor warned you not to eat. The result? The extra weight we’d been carrying for years melted off our bodies.

How Eating Fat Helps You Lose Fat

We know you may be sceptical. We are used to hearing disbelief that eating more fats and oils will help melt off those annoying extra pounds. Here are just a few of the reasons increasing your dietary fats and decreasing carb intake works for weight loss.

  • Your metabolism changes from glucose-burning to fat-burning mode. (And it will chew through any existing stored fat on your body.)
  • The hunger monster shuts up.
  • Fats regulate the hormones that caused weight gain. Including more dietary fats helps to repair hormonal imbalance.
  • There are other reasons. Those are our favorite three.

50 pound weight loss at 50 years of age.

Mom’s celebration of a 50 pound weight loss at 50 years of age. Mother and daughter’s before and after weight loss photos while eating a low carb high fat diet and without exercising.
Since starting this LCHF diet, Laura (50+ years old) has lost 70 pounds. Daughter Veronica (21 years old) has lost 55 pounds.

Let’s Get You Started…

The Low Carb, High Fat Diet – A Healthy Lifestyle Diet

Allow us to introduce you to, and support you through, losing weight and feeling great! We are a mother and daughter (aged 50 and 20 when we started eating this way) who were fed up with silly diets that didn’t work.

We were also very concerned about our health.

Mom had been diagnosed with insulin resistance, on her way to metabolic syndrome and eventually Type 2 Diabetes. Co-author Veronica knew it would be just a matter of time before she followed in her mother’s footsteps.

Since we discovered that we could lose weight while enjoying our foods we have been on a mission to get the word out to as many people as possible. Our priority is to get you started on a Low Carb High Fat diet through our easy-to-understand introduction book, a handful of cookbooks, a quiet little forum, Facebook pages, and live streaming. In our live streams (real time video question and answer sessions) you are welcome to take a seat and chat directly to us – face to face!

We also share tips and recipes – our own and others in the community – that suit your taste buds and help you whittle your middle!

We remember how difficult it was to get started. We couldn’t understand how the foods we were eating could be unhealthy for our bodies. We were doing everything the food guides and doctors suggested. That’s when we decided to find our own way. Since we’ve lost the weight we have both been on a quest to learn more about nutrition.

  • Veronica is now a Certified Nutritional Therapist.
  • Both mother and daughter are now certified as Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner (December 2015).
  • Veronica is also studying Sports Nutrition.

No Exercise Weight Loss

We have lost extra body fat just by making smarter food choices. Seriously, no added exercise! Due to the metabolic advantage of becoming keto-adapted (you’ll learn all about that when you study the ins and outs of LCHF or Ketogenic diets), our bodies learned to burn fat for energy. This includes stored body fat! The right amount of protein in our diet also ensured that we didn’t lose existing muscle during weight loss.

Within a few weeks of becoming keto-adapted we felt better, slept better, and moved easier and with less inflammation. Most surprising of all, we did not have to starve or bore ourselves into weight loss. Each one of these changes shocked us – neither believed any of it would be possible. We were so excited about the changes, we started this website and then published a book to share the diet and our personal ‘hacks’ with you!

Similar Weight Loss Diets

A Paleo Diet is similar to a low carb high fat diet except they often contain high levels of protein. As protein can be converted to glucose in the body, most Paleo diets do not provide the hormonal reset and regulation required for weight loss.

Ketogenic and the KetoHybrid Diet are classified as low carb high fat diets. The diet doesn’t focus on portion sizes or caloric values. Instead they rely on the dieter to eat to satiation only. This feels incredulous to anyone feeling they lack willpower, but learning your satiation levels will happen naturally. As hormone levels repair, your body will tell you when you’re full. (That is practically a guarantee! Very little willpower is required past the first few days.)

The New Atkins Diet is a great diet as long as you’re including healthy fats and steering clear of packaged foods. Packaged foods (from any company) are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and unhealthy fats that damage and disrupt hormones further stymieing weight loss.

A Gluten-Free Diet may solve health, microbiome, digestion and obesity problems that have become common as a result of North America’s wheat hybridization. While we suggest most people (whether wanting to lose weight or maintain current weight) go “gluten free” for at least two weeks, a low carb high fat diet protocol requires abstaining from high carb, low value, grains and vegetables. Many people add them back into their diet – in moderation – once they have achieved their goal weight.

Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Right For You?
Grab a free chapter from the book today. Within just a few minutes of reading it, you'll know if (a) you'll enjoy this diet, and (b) how easy it can be to lose weight - at any age!
Veronica Childs, NT & Laura Childs
Mother and Daughter Co-Authors of "The Low Carb High Fat Diet" (2014)
Author Image
Hello, We're Laura & Veronica Childs

Laura and Veronica Childs both had to lose weight. They made a pact, promising to try multiple diets if required.

The first diet they crafted was a hybrid - based on low carbohydrate consumption paired with high fats. Their diet was Ketogenic in principle, but with a mindful eye on Clean Eating.

This first book on "The Low Carb High Fat Diet" (now in its second printing) is a culmination of their notes, recipes, tips, and the knowledge required to help you create a diet plan that you'll love long after you have met your goal weight!

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